Imexus 14

Imexus 14

We would like to introduce you the motorboat Imexus 14

With the total length of 4,30 m and a width of 1,80m our new Imexus 14 is a small but sleek motor boat which can be equipped with an outboard motor up to 40 kW. Due to the little weight of 210 kg and its special design you can achieve very quick planing within seconds. The boat provides a control column with a steering wheel whereby a comfortable manoeuvre is possible.

The manufacturing process of the Imexus 14 is, like all the Imexus products, 100 % handmade. Thus, a high quality standard of each Imexus product can be guaranteed, supported by continuous quality control.

The Imexus 14 suits especially motor sportsmen and women, who love to spend their free time on the water. Whether you want to go cruising or fishing, spending time alone or with the family – relax the way you want to. The motor boat fits easily 3 – 4 persons.

We are pleased to be able to offer you an electric engine for your Imexus 14. That way you can undertake emission-free journeys which are not only environmentally friendly and soundless, but also free of any restrictions on inland waters.

Technical data:

Hull and deck made of premium GRP

Length: 4,30 m

Width: 1,80 m

Weight: 210 kg

Other equipment:

Steering wheel or tiller

Anchor locker

2 lockers in bow and stern

4 bollards

2 hand rails

Stern plate for the attachment of the engine

Hull colour: white, red, blue


Engine: 4 – 40 kW

Anchor role

Hull colour by request

Decorative strips

Sun canopy

Rudder (for the sportive activity)