About us

Imexus Yachts – those are individual, high-quality and modern yachts made in manual manufactory.

Already since 2001, the shipyard – initially known as Odin – has been producing the successful Imexus 28, a powersailer, which combines the characteristics of a powerful sailing boat with those of a motorboat. Over the years, the shipyard has increased its portfolio with the luxury and classic deck saloon yachts Imexus 34 DS and Imexus 37 DS, as well as the small and stylish motorboat Imexus 14.

All products of Imexus Yachts are made in pure handwork to always guarantee the best quality for each boat. Our well educated staff produces the moulds in hand lay-up and fits them out in unmistakeable passion for detail. Skilled carpenters and upholsterer design every Imexus according to its owner’s preferences, with only the most modern and valuable materials.

To achieve comfort and well-being on every Imexus, the owner can choose from many different equipment variants. That way each customer is free to select from many different materials and colours for the upholstery, the wood or the hull. Furthermore we are always open for the special desires of our clients.

Every Imexus built in our shipyard is subject to strict quality control. Different experts monitor every individual work step in order to avoid potential errors from the outset. And if, nevertheless, a problem may occur, our service team will be on site shortly to fix it. No boat leaves the shipyard without a final inspection.


Why you should trust into Imexus Yachts and let us build your boat:

– High-quality and modern yachts
– Passion for detail
– Reliable service
– Individual production according to your wishes and needs
– Manufactured by hand
– Premium materials by well-known manufacturers
– Fair prices
– Transparency, customer proximity and a straightforward communication


Whichever yacht you prefer – we want you to love your Imexus and always to identify with it. For that reason we put your individual wishes for your yacht into action. That way every Imexus, that leaves our shipyard is handmade and unique.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us. It would be a pleasure to aid you with help and advice.


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