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Imexus Yachts – Switzerland

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Imexus Yachts has a new dealer. Matthias located in Switzerland is our new dealer. He is a self-employed sailing fan, who fell in love with the Imexus and is now our new dealer. He will have a dealer boat ready in a few weeks time. He will also be wo

Imexus Yachts – Building Dreams

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We at Imexus Yachts like to think that we help people find their dreams. We do this by building them, their yacht of their dreams! Our yacht has had many firsts, one of the major ones being that we were the first company to install an onboard engine

Imexus Yachts – Building a dealer network

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Dealer network is key to success! We, as Imexus Yachts, beleive a dealer network can grow the Imexus brand. Currently our network only has a few dealers in it, but we are constantly in contact with interested in parties that want to represent us in v