Imexus 28

Imexus 28

The Imexus 28 is the perfect allround-boat for all water sportmans, who enjoy sailing as well as cruising with a motorboat. Intelligent art of engineering meets modern design and high-end quality at the Imexus 28. The clou is its established water ballast system. Thanks to a double shell in the hull the yacht is able to take on around 730 litre water as a weight, what gives the boat its necessary stability during sailing. It needs only a few steps and minutes to turn the Imexus 28 from a family-friendly, quick sailing boat to a speedy motorboat.

Depending on the motorisation, the Imexus 28 is able to achieve up to 29 knots without the water ballast and reaches planing easily, already with a 90 HP outborder. The yacht can be equipped with an outboard motor up to 150 HP or with an inboard diesel engine up to 170 HP. Even watersport activities like wakeboard or water skiing are feasible, due to the slipperiness of the hull.

Likewise the sailing performance of the Imexus 28 is outstanding in its category. The cruiser achieves already with a wind force of 3 Beaufort the theoretical hull speed of 6,8, that sailing on board of the Imexus 28 becomes an extraordinary pleasure. For an easy handling all halyards, hauls, the mast raising system as well as the swing keel control are directed to the cockpit, with the result that even solo sailors can steer the boat easily.

The cockpit on board offers sufficient place for even six passengers. Below the comfortable seats are two large lockers, which serves as stowage for the nautical equipment. Likewise the seats suits perfectly as sunbeds.


Imexus 28 Salon
Imexus 28 Salon


The spacious cabin offers with a headroom of 1,85 m and two generous bunks in bow as well as stern plenty of room for a convenient living under deck. The tapered double front berth has a length of 2 m, which can be extended if desired and a width of 1,70 – 0,35 m. Also the stern bow is equipped with two sleeping places, which possesses a length of 1,90 m and width of at least 1,45 m in the inboard version. Additionally two further sleeping places can be created by increasing the seats in the salon up to the table.

Due to its many windows, the lavish saloon for up to six persons as well as the pale oak wood the Imexus 28 radiates loads of atmosphere and comfort. The upholstery can be offered according to the customers wishes in several colours and surfaces to serve the owner a homely feeling below deck. The cosiness will be completed by the separate toilet room and the great pantry, which can be extended with many different cookers and fridges.

The water ballast system is a very clever solution, not only on sea. After the discharge of the water the Imexus 28 becomes obviously lighter than similar sailing boats and can therefore be trailed by many cars. The particular for the boat developed trailer has the approved width of 2,50 m, which permits to pull the boat worldwide without any special authorization. Furthermore the low-lying trailer even enables to use very shallow slipways, with the result that the usage of expensive cranes can be renounced.

All in all the Imexus 28 suites perfectly for all sailors who love to stay autonomous. The possibility to travel long distances in short time, thanks to the engine, opens the opportunity to drive quickly along unknown territories and to make relaxing sailing trips. But also the independency of weather conditions makes the Imexus 28 the perfect companion for those, who wish to create their own precious leisure time.


CE-Classification: C or B

Overall hull length: 8,50 m

Waterline: 8,05 m

Overall Width: 2,55 m

Draft: 0,3 – 1,45 m

Weight empty: 1300 kg

Water ballast: 730 l

Swing keel: 55 kg

Outboard engine: 5 – 150 HP

Inboard engine: 130, 140, 170 HP

Mast length: 9 m

Mainsail: 16 m²

Jib: 12,2 m²

Standing Headroom: 1,85 m

Clean water tank: 2 x 12 l

Waste water tank: 2 x 12 l